Not to be missed the 2016 edition of Permaculture occurring in Bolsena and also at Valdisole.
Permaculture consists in an integrated method of planning and managing inhabited systems so as to comply with the needs of the population (i.e. food, fibers and energy) and the protection of the environment. Therefore implementing the philosophy of Permaculture consists in an integrated approach involving several domains, from architecture to biology, forestry, agriculture and zootechnics. The main theorists of Permaculture are David Holgrem and Bill Mollison, according to whom “a culture cannot survive for long without a sustainable agricultural base and an ethics based on the usage of land”.
Permaculture projects can employ different methods but share the same ethic foundations. They indeed focus on the respect of the natural environment in its complexity, according to which human interventions must aim to restore or however not to damage environmental balances. Furthermore Permaculture projects pursue taking care of human beings and meeting their needs (to eat, to drink, to sleep, to get an education, to make friends etc.) without implementing disrupting large-scale practises.
Stay tuned for updates on the event taking in place in 2016.