Valdisole is framed by Bolsena Lake, an interesting tourist hub, where the natural variety melts with the richness in art and the archaeological heritage.
Fifth Lake for size in Italy, the Lake is located in a volcanic caldera which was created by the crumbling of Vulsinio and soon flooded by rains.
The waters of the Lake are affected by two main natural processes: sudden changes in the water level (similar to tides but, unlike these, not foreseeable) and freak waves.
The habitat of the Lake is rich in animal species. Among fishes you can find the Whitefish, the Pike, the European Perch, the Largemouth Bass, the Common Carp, the Doctor Fish, the Common Rudd and the Big-scale sand smelt. Policies of Animal protection have favoured the presence of a large variety of waterfowls, often migratory.
The Lake is also particularly rich in vegetable species. Along the coasts lie woods of oaks and on the hills lie chestnuts and grapevines, olive trees and vegetables.
The verdant nature, the stunning landscapes and the mild climate of the area have always pushed people to practise outdoor sports, such as trekking, cycling, sailing, canoeing, game fishing, paragliding etc.
The lovers of walking on hills can go deep into the historical memory of this Italian corner, by walking along the Medieval path of Via Francigena or following the footprints of Swindlers on Sentiero dei Briganti.