Feeling like you want to run away from urban chaos and get lost in a stunning Italian garden for your holiday?

A Green Holiday definitely fits you. Far away from stressful life, Valdisole Camping in Bolsena is the ideal accommodation for living in close contact with nature. Such a life surrounded by nature will allow you to take a break from normal life and restore your energies, thus allowing you to face better your return to normal life.
The camping is definitely the ideal accommodation for the lovers of Green Holiday such as you. Your stay in the Camping will indeed allow you to take back your relationship not just with nature but also with other tourists: outdoor living provides lots of opportunities of making friends, often more than you can get in town.

Green Holiday is also going to offer you the opportunity of enjoying anything a natural environment can offer, including practising a wide range of outdoor sports and admiring amazing landscapes and the historical and artistic treasures framed by nature.
Surrounded by the breathtaking context of Bolsena Lake, Valdisole Camping is definitely the ideal destination for your Green Holiday.